Monday, December 27, 2010

My photo album of my favourite 'hair do's' and glam vintage dresses straight from my private wardrobe

A 50s Dorothy O'Hara cocktail dress - hair by Jani at Christopher Hana Hair

80s sequin dress and hair by James Willis of Blackheath NSW

A decadent silk velvet hostess gown from the 70s by Ann Pakradooni

A 70s hostess gown from Saks Fifith Ave

Pure and exquisite Dior owned by Sandie Bizy Hats in Sydney

Wearing a silk 20s inspired sheath dress

Riku Campo flew on from LA and along with his beautiful assistant created Hollywood glamour!

An elegant wool dress from the early 50s

Hair by James Willis Design, Blackheath

A pure polyester 70s hostess gown by meredith of Hawaii

Wearing a fab 70s silk pantsuit

I thought it would be fun (and also a good reference for me!) to post all my favourite looks and dresses. I will keep updating this. What I am loving about my adventure with The Darnell Collection is of course the HUGE choice I have each time I need a dress for a special event - and giving all the makeup and hair stylists I work with free rein to give me a dramatic look. WHAT FUN.